Why I Trust the Bible

   I trust the bible.  I believe it to be true and correct and right.  I don’t strain out the concepts of inerrancy and infallibility.  Here are a few reasons why.

1.  I know the Author.  The bible makes a bold claim to be authored by God.  We can say the bible is authored by men under the supernatural guidance of God.  I believe that.  God used men, but He is the ultimate author.  And the closer I am to Him, the more I recognize His word.  I hear His voice as I read His word.  When my wife calls me I know it is her.  I know her voice.  (And, I have caller ID.)  The closer I am to God, the better I recognize His voice.

2.  It stands the test of scholarship.  The bible uses dates and names and places.  Archeology has been a great friend of the bible.  No book has been studied and dissected as carefully as the bible.  It can stand the rigorous examination.  In fact, God invites our intellect.  We don’t have to set aside our minds to follow the bible.  Certainly, there is faith.  But it’s not a blind faith; it is an informed faith. I can use my mind in faith.  (And my mind needs the exercise.)

3.  It stands the test of time.  It was written over centuries by lots of people in lots of places and yet is unified and cohesive.  It has stood the test of history.  It stands while philosophies rise and fall.  It remains while theories falter.  Through every age, among all peoples, in various cultures, with divergent circumstances, the word stands firm.  In a generation built on fads I’m glad for something built to last forever.  We will forget Bieber’s hair and Hannah Montana’s unfortunate change of branding, but the bible will remain.

4.  It stands the test of life.  I’ve lived long enough now (this is a nice way of saying I’m not that young anymore) to see that God’s way is right.  I’ve known the benefit of following the bible’s way and the detriment of not following the bible’s way for a long time.  Now, I’ve seen the benefit and detriment before my very own reading-glasses-needing eyes.

5.  I’ve seen the difference in me.  God’s word has been true in my own life.  I trust the bible because it has been trustworthy in my very own life.  I know the great difference the bible has made in my own life.  I’ve read the bible through many, many times now and it has made me more loving, kind and compassionate.  It has given me hope and joy and peace.  Okay, truth in advertising- I am far from perfect.  (After all, my wife might read this!)  But the bible has made me a better person.

I hope you will discover that very same truth for yourself.

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