What Politicians Can’t Do

I’m thankful for politicians. Or maybe I should better say, I’m thankful there are people who actively participate in our free country as politicians. Just wish more of them had common sense, biblical morality, a Christian world view and did their own plumbing. But, I digress.
I want to note that there are some limits to what politicians and governments can do. So, before getting too willing to ask our government to take over every aspect of our lives, let me note some things they can’t do.
1. They can’t change hearts. Politicians can change parties, votes and even our behavior. But they can’t change the human heart. Only God can do that. And- trust me on this one- politicians aren’t God. Some just think they are.
God wants to change us at the deepest levels- our heart, our soul, our spirit. We need that kind of fundamental change and that is something only God can do.
2. They can’t make us happy. Happiness isn’t found in possessions or relationships or power. Haven’t we all seen rich, successful movie stars or athletes who are miserable? They have all the world says one needs to be happy and yet they aren’t because those things don’t provide happiness.Government can give you things that it has taken from someone else, but it can’t give you happiness.

May I suggest something? Stop pursuing happiness. Pursue God. And when you pursue God you will get joy- deep, lasting, satisfying joy- thrown in.
3. They can’t engender our deepest allegiance. At least, they shouldn’t. Save your allegiance for the Lord. Vote, participate and, should the Lord lead, run for office. But don’t place your allegiance and unqualified trust in a politician or party. Trust the Lord. Keep a little healthy skepticism for all the rest.

There is only one Lord and He isn’t up for vote.

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