The Heart of the Matter

I have treasured Your Word in my heart so that I may not sin against You.   Psalm 119:11

Your heart is critical…

…A friend of mine told me about preaching on the back of a flatbed truck next to Red Square in Moscow some years ago.  The communist government had just fallen and many people there were searching for meaning and purpose.  My friend was put on the back of the truck, given a microphone, and told to preach to the walking masses through a translator.

If we tried that in America, we would be ignored or mocked.  But the people in Moscow, hungry for spiritual food, listened.  Then, the organizers of the flatbed preaching tour caused unintentional pandemonium.  They announced that Russian language Bibles would be given away.

My friend told me that the next moments were like being at a rock concert.  The people crushed toward the truck to get a Bible. Every Bible was given out in moments and a mass of humanity cried for more.  Many had never owned a Bible or read a word from it.  But they longed to see it for themselves.

What a difference in America.  We have easy access to the Bible.  Many have copies of God’s Word sitting in their bedrooms and on their coffee tables.  But, often, that is about as close as it ever gets to their hearts.

What if we treasured it?  What if we saw its great value and it became so important to us that our heart longed to know it?

We treasure God’s Word because we treasure Him

~~excerpt from IMMERSED: 40 Days to a Deeper Faith

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