Whatever Happened to Sunday School?

I love Sunday School.  There, I said it out loud.

When I became a pastor 30 years ago (What? 30 years have gone by? But I am so young!)  the question was asked differently.  You know, the question we asked each other when we pastors got together-  “How was your attendance?”  We used to ask, 30 years ago, about how many were in Sunday School. 

30 years later, when we announce our attendance, we answer with our worship attendance.  There is nothing wrong, of course, with tracking our worship attendance.  It is worth noting, however, that Sunday School has been de-emphasized in many churches in this generation. 

I am an unashamed Sunday School junkie.  We emphasize Sunday School in our church-though we have jazzed up the name to “Life Groups”.  Never does a week go by that I don’t mention something about Life Groups.

Sunday School, or however small groups are done, is such a vital part of a healthy church.  I love worship.  It is exciting and important and great.  But let’s not lose sight of the importance of the personal, small group aspect of church life. It is a great place to learn and to experience life together.  Churches who emphasize small groups in addition to worship are the stronger for it.

The Christian life is best experienced together.  I encourage you to get in a Sunday School class or, if you attend FBC O’Fallon, IL, a Life Group. 

Sunday School is worth emphasizing again.



7 responses to “Whatever Happened to Sunday School?

  1. Amen pastor. Love this!

  2. Anna Melendez

    We miss Sunday school at First Baptist. Maybe some day we will be lucky enough to be stationed there again. Miss you too!

  3. Doug…We have always referred to the hour of power (SS) as the life of the church. I am so saddened to think it is being seen as insignificant! I am a SS Junkie too!!!

  4. Phil, Thank you and we need more great SS teachers like you!
    Anna, Move back as quickly as you can!
    Susan, I so appreciate the emphasis on SS from you and Lloyd. It is still paying dividends!

  5. Peggy Maher Chamness

    Well Pastor Doug I slip now and then and still say Sunday School when talking to others outside our church because when I have said Life Groups they didn’t know what I was talking about. Small group study is something I enjoy and that makes God’s word even more personal when sharing with others because they will sometimes clarify things for me or give me the lift I needed just at the right time.

  6. Jay Michael Burton

    I am a Sunday School teacher (adult class) in a church of around 400 each Sunday. We have around 100 or so in Bible School. That makes me very sad, because I think everyone should be in Bible School. It is my passion. We need Bible study and small group interaction. Mike Burton

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